Buy/sell BitCoins safely in larger quantities! How can I do that?


Whoever wants to buy or sell larger quantities of BitCoins (BTC) today is not satisfied with one of the many trading platforms on which BitCoins can be bought/sold, because practically only small quantities of BitCoins can be bought or sold there anyway, that is a few BisCoins per transfer. In addition, the usual trading platforms as so-called financial intermediaries are neither licensed nor regulated by the authorities. The operators as well as their customers are on thin ice legally and are subject to high risks, up to the total loss of money and BitCoins.


What's the alternative? The seemingly first alternative is to buy or sell BitCoins in larger quantities directly from private to private or from company to company. Among acquaintances, friends, business partners and companies who know and trust each other, this is also the usual and fastest way: The buyer delivers the BitCoins against payment of the agreed sum to the agreed BitCoin Wallet – ready.


The risk when buying or selling larger quantities of BitCoins is that there are now also various crooks/fraudsters/criminals in the industry who are on the move with high criminal energy and are targeting inexperienced/uncautious buyers/sellers. The main concrete risks are:

- Unclean origin of money

  • Payment with counterfeit money/flowers
  • Payment with black money/drug money/money of criminal origin (criminal offence) (criminal offence)
  • Risk of money laundering (criminal offence)

- Payment not received

  • ... although the BitCoins have already been transferred
  • in the case of bank transfer, the instructed bank blocks the transfer
  • in case of bank transfer, the accepting bank blocks the acceptance of the money

- Unclean origin of the BitCoins

  • BitCoins come from criminal businesses
  • BitCoins were stolen

The solution

The legally clearest and cleanest solution is to use a BTC OTC escrow service provider (BTC = BitCoin, OTC = Over the Counter, Escrow = Trustee), which is licensed and regulated by the authorities as a financial intermediary and as a trustee and is regularly audited by the authorities, which acts as an independent third party as a link between buyer and seller and is responsible for the clean processing of such a transaction and carries out all the checks required by law. However, the official regulations for handling BitCoin deals are only in place in a few countries, which means that such transactions are still largely unregulated and therefore very uncertain. Either you trust your counterpart 100%, are familiar with all commercially and technically necessary measures and procedures and then handle such deals in the millions relatively quickly and silently, or buyer and seller strive and commission a neutral, licensed, regulated, audited third party, which takes all necessary and target-oriented measures to handle such transactions.

When and for whom does this make sense?

The involvement of a BTC-OTC-Escrow service provider is sensible and target-oriented in many respects, always depends on one's own assessment, but should be urgently taken into account by the buyer/seller or his mandate holder in the following cases in particular:

  • if at least 150 BitCoins (BTC) are to be bought/sold
  • if the trading volume reaches or exceeds 500,000 dollars/euro
  • when buyer and seller do not know each other or not really know each other well
  • when buyer and seller do not (yet) dare
  • when buyers and sellers are companies (BTC-mining companies, family offices, asset management companies, banks, ...),
  • if you are inexperienced as a buyer or seller in such transactions,
  • when the buyer/seller commissions a mandate holder/lawyer to handle the transaction,
  • if you want to stay in the background as a buyer/seller,
  • if there are a number of intermediaries between the buyer and seller,
  • if the buyer and the seller or their representatives have different ideas about the procedure,
  • if you as a buyer want to be sure that you will receive reliable clean goods (BitCoins),
  • if you, as a seller, want to be sure that you will reliably receive clean money,
  • if such transactions are to be conducted in a completely relaxed, carefree, reliable, speedy and orderly manner,
  • if you don't want to worry about any recourse claims being made after the deal,
  • if you want an independent, liable, licensed, regulated, audited third party that ensures a legally clean transaction from start to finish,

If you as a buyer/seller of BitCoins have one of the reasons mentioned above or another reason and would like a BTC-OTC escrow service provider, please contact us directly. We will be happy to answer your questions and to put you in direct contact with such a BTC-OTC-Escrow service provider.


Graduate in Business Administration (BA) Ralf Hermann Borchers

Tel./WhatsApp: +49 176 577 33 577
Email: Borchers-Consulting@web.de

Email: Borchers-Consulting@web.de


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